Question: Our principal can't locate our Bylaws..Help!!

I am new to the PTO board and want to review the bylaws and mission statement but no one knows where they are located. What do I do? What if we cannot find them? Can we write new bylaws? Thanks!

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi there,
If you needed to take that step, then, yes, you could do that. We have lots of resources on the site that would be helpful to you in that process.

How To Write PTO Bylaws 

Annotated Bylaws from our File Exchange 

But in the meantime, a few quick questions. Nothing was ever published online? Have you checked with past officers? Maybe go back a few "generations?" If you could track down the secretary or secretaries from the past, I'm sure they could help you in locating the documents.

Good luck in your search!!

Rose C.

Community Advice

smartin writes:
Hi Rose, thank you so muchn for the reply. Yes, we are in the process of asking past officers if they know where we can locate these. So far, no luck. RE: online Do you mean the PTO website? We created a website this year but there hadn't been one prior for quite a while..or do you mean at a state/county level? I've read that a PTO needs these docs in order to request tax exempt status so we must have had them at one time. Thank you again.

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