Question: Teachers Pay for Their Donation to Auction?

We want to feature teacher experiences at our auction this year, but some teachers are balking at having to pay for everything that's part of their "experience", such as going to the movies. Should the PTO pay for that stuff instead?

Asked by DMeganR



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rm9116 writes:
We make some of the donations available for teacher experience items. For instance, we set aside lazer tag, bowling, minitiature golf, and movie passes, as well as ice cream/custard gift cards. Once the teachers have decided what they are willing to do, then we bundle any remaining items in with the rest of the auction. It does get expensive to ask teachers to handle the cost and at least for us, we don't want to take advantage of their willingness to help by also requiring them to pay. (Some do choose to handle the cost themselves.)

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gjcoram writes:
At our school, we let the teachers decide what their experiences are. Some want to take the kids to the IMAX and get ice cream; one offered to babysit; some let the kids take a dog for a walk -- which, with the right teacher and for a kid who doesn't have a dog, can be great. If you're telling the teachers they have to do a movie, then I think they're right to object.

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ShopBidGive writes:
I think it depends on what the teacher experience is. If a teacher is wanting to go all out for their experience, then they should have to contribute a little. However, for something small, it shouldn't be a big deal.

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Ninja4Good writes:
Hi DMeganR,

Since teacher experiences are considered "priceless" and because so many of our teachers today cover many costs in the classroom out of their own pocket, I always try to cover the costs of their auction experience. The way it can be done is to make sure the minimum bid covers their actual cost plus an additional amount that you would be happy with. This way if there is only one bid, their cost is covered and you have made some money. Most likely, since it is a teacher's experience, there will be multiple bids. A trick I like to do is ask the teacher if they will offer more than one experience. I do not specify this on the description sheet. Instead I review the item at closing of the auction and ask the second highest person who was outbid to match the highest bid and they can also go home with that same experience. Teachers are always willing to do two or more experiences, especially if there is no cost to them. And always make sure your teachers plan the activity. They know what kinds of activities our kids really want to do, and they can make a simple teacher experience into a one-of -a-kind, unforgettable activity the child(ren) will never forget!

Hope this helps. Good luck with your fundraising efforts!


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