Question: Weekly Popcorn sales

Can anyone suggest the best way to do weekly popcorn sales?

Asked by lcordin



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CMay2CK writes:
If you plan on doing it every week, you may want to look into buying a machine. Maybe make it a future goal, and star by renting. Some companies will supply you with everything you need; machine, corn, bags, etc.

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lfparish writes:
we have an every other fri treat thing we do for the kids lollipops one time popcorn next time. we start by giving all the teachers envelopes with paper in it they write down the students name & how many we charge 25 cents for a lunch sack size. they are then returned to the office where we pick them up count out how many we need per class. meanwhile we have been REALLY busy popping our popcorn. we then bag how ever many according to classes we then deliver it.......................

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maylisa writes:
Our school does something very similar to lfparish. Every other Thursday we have Treats @ Recess. We send out a class list in a gallon size ziplock bag to all HR teachers. The teachers collect the money and turn it in to the office where we collect all the bags and verify money. We then package the bags of popcorn (usually) and a drink to be delivered to each classroom. (We had a popcorn machine donated to our PTO for the purpose of making popcorn and money.) It is then left to the discretion of the teacher to distribute at recess time. We charge $.50 per bag of popcorn and $.50 for a caprisun. We have also sold pickles, baked chips, and mondos. We sold pop-ice for a quarter at the beginning of the year. We do limit the number of items a student gets because they only have 15 minutes for recess and they need to run around. Make sure whatever you do, let the teachers know what the snack is. We sent a note home to parents a day or two before to remind them.

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