Question: Can the principal control the bylaws

Can our Principle write a new set of Bylaws, tell us we need to get and state the Principle has the final say on all the funds in and out. When we are a dependent PTO?

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Rose H writes:
Hi anonymous,
If you are an independent PTO then the principal should not just step in and take these actions. But, you aren't the first to send in a "help'' message.

Obviously, there's a big issue here and at a minimum your board needs to sit down with the principal and figure out what's up. If your independent parent group raised funds independently, you have an obligation to follow through on what the parents want to do with these funds. The principal technically can't tell you what you can and can't do with the money. However, the principal can make it very difficult for your group by refusing to allow your group to hold events at the school, minimizing contact with teachers, etc. Your best bet is to try to find some way to meet each other half way, make the principal part of the process, and find a way to work as a team. Here are a few resources that could help:

Make the Principal Your Partner

Negotiating with the Principal

Get the Principal on Your Side

Good luck!
Rose C.

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