Question: If parents/kids fundraise for their own grade, do they have to share profits with PTO at the school.

Our school is 6th through 8th and the 8th grade have been doing fundraising for their moving on dance and ceremony. The parents/kids of this class have been doing all the fundraising. Does the PTO have to get any of their proceeds that they have made. Is it in the regulations that the PTO of the school has to have any of the proceeds.

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Rockne writes:
Hi anon - I guess the question is "who's regulations?". It's certainly not a law of any sort. But does your school or district have any policies on this? Were there any expectations up front (examples: did PTO help with this at all and expect some of proceeds? was it done using PTO name at all?) It's certainly fairly common for a specific fundraiser (send the debate team to nationals) to be done independently and for the proceeds from that fundraiser not to be shared. But your questions here are really local questions. You need to find out if there are any rules/expectations at your school. Tim

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