Question: Region PTA dissolving local PTA

Hi there, I received a notice that our regional pta is going to dissolve our unit because we did not pay the insurance. Our current school pta was put together on a whim, not even proper procedures. At first the president was having an attack so she emailed the region chair and asked if they could wait til the next school year and a check would be mailed. She did not hear anything. After researching, we think dissolving would be a good thing. We wouldn't have to worry about strict rules and policies and we would be able to keep the little money that we are able to get for the kids. To reinstate the pta would cost $300 (why???) How long would it take if they actually dissolve the pta? Do we still have to go through the whole member votes?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Hi Anon - Well, if you don't want to be a PTA and the region is dissolving your PTA, then I'd just let that process take its course. Why re-start something or pay a fee just to dissolve it. Pres. doesn't need to have an attack -- there is no PTA jail. You don't have to wait until your PTA is formally dissolved (completely) before getting your new org in order and started up. They are two separate entities completely. Tim

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