Question: taking credit cards for fun run

What has other pto/ptas done to take credit card donations via internet?

Asked by gfrobertspto



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gjcoram writes:
PayPal and Square both have offers for free credit-card readers. We've been using PayPal for several years to accept credit cards, but they wanted my personal SSN to issue me a CC reader. I think it's just to verify my identity, but I didn't want to risk them reporting it to the IRS as my personal income. I just requested a reader from Square; they have a whole page about using your reader for fundraising (mostly geared to political fundraising, but seemed applicable to PTOs also), so they seem to have thought through more of the ramifications than PayPal.

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mum24kids writes:
One group I'm with uses PayPal, two others use Without a person who has some good programming knowledge, I think it's difficult to implement PayPal for online processing. Pay4SchoolStuffOnline is much easier to set up. But, their setup and processing fees are pretty high if you're just looking at a few donations here and there. In addition for donations, we also use it for afterschool class registrations, yearbook sales, etc.

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HEExplorers writes:
We are using a new online service for fundraising called Fundly. It is amazing and can serve all sorts of purposes for other events as well. It can allow for each child to create their own webpage for fundraising too.

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