Question: New President has bad credit

After our elections, the PTO treasurer and President went to the bank to have the signor names changed over. The bank refused to do it because the new presidents credit score was below 200. Of course that raised alot of red flags for us but now he is trying to find a bank that will take him. In the meantime, we are stuck in neutral, unable to move forward because we have no account to work with. How should we approach this? I have some members saying we need to vote him out now because if he can't handle his own finances, how can we trust him with the PTO's? Our bylaws state we can have him removed by special election without any cause (although I see this as being cause), it just seems like a bad way to start the year off. Any suggestions would be very helpful and appreciated.

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Sabrina Z writes:
Well I have to say kudos to your bank for watching out for your PTO. Though we've never had this experience, I would have to agree about voting him out. It really does raise a lot of red flags. Good luck.

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Craig writes:
An alternative is you could let him serve as president but not put his name on the account. Some groups, for example, have the treasurer and the principal as account signers. Or you could use the treasurer and vice president.

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