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My board is asking when we will get any freebies with our PLUS membership? We have had it a few years and believe it or not, some members were swayed to add that by the freebies. Have otherPLUS members received any? We also get the magazine at the beginning of the year ( too late for our meet the teacher or curriculum nights as we start the year the third week in July!) but have not received the "special" samples bags that go with that either. I thought all plus members did, but that is not so. I as the president use the Plus services a lot, but others are wondering to renew next year or not. I keep trying to persuade them, but majority rules in our bylaws :(

Asked by wmjake



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
There are many PTO Today resources that are available to only Plus members. There is an overview of these resources on this PTO Today Plus Members page. Also, our folks in leader support would be happy to talk to you and they can help you with this. I'll forward your question along with your e-mail. You can also try reaching Cheryl or Paula at 800--644-3561.

Good luck!

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