Question: Celebrating 50 years

My school is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year and was needing some cool ideas that PTO can sponsor or events we can hold that will be special and help celebrate the school?

Asked by teacher_523



Community Advice

badpants writes:
Why not sponsor a breakfast or luncheon for all of the past PTO presidents?

Community Advice

hammydee writes:
Use a 50's theme on any event you sponsor to raise awareness of your school's 50th Anniversary. Host a sock hop, sell 50's themed t-shirts, host an root beer float/ice cream social and hire a dj to play 50's music, have a 50's themed day where the teachers and kids dress up in their favorite 50's attire. Hopefully this gets you started!

Community Advice

Radmomincali writes:
Have an alumni picnic and invite the community/past students/teachers of your school and their families to attend. What a great way to celebrate the history of your school! Ask for memorabilia/pictures, etc. and put together memory books, etc.

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