Question: Your PTO's protocols with Box Tops Program

I don't know if they deserve my fundraising efforts... I am in desperate need of input on what protocol your school uses with including/excluding Box Tops Program during monthly PTO meetings and how much do they govern the program overall. (ie: protocol for handouts, postage, collecting, recording, posting results...) Because before I agree to a second year...out PTO refused to pay for any postage, feel contests are not good for the kids, that I should NOT note quantity collected per student but only per class, all my handouts must be seen by both PTO pres. and Principal (not just principal like before) Even though everything is going electronic, sending emails instead of handouts are NOT allowed... I feel regulated to death! And last year I was not allowed to serve pizza at the big winner's contest party that I planned and did everything for because of one parent (who did NOT send in 1-BT!!!) yet complained because she didn't like the announcement handout that was only sent to the winning class! To what extreme does your PTO regulate...?

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horsestalktome writes:
Our PTO doesn't regulate box tops at all, but we're not terribly pushy about the program. We don't keep track of classes, have contests or pizza parties, etc. In fact, the Box Tops checks go right to our school, so the PTO doesn't even control how the money is spent. I wouldn't continue if I were you! Good luck!

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firefighter464 writes:
feel free to message me, I have a lot I can share with you. Faced the same thing, addressed it, changed some things, did nicely

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lesleyharrison writes:
It depends who gets the box tops money as to who should pay for postage.

Our pta gets the money and we pay for postage and any box tops parties for the winning classes. Our principals get to look over anything before it is copied and sent home and a copy of everything is sent to the president too. Contest winners are announced on our website, facebook page and twitter feed and also in our newsletter, rather than sending an extra piece of paper home.

the box tops organizer(s) at our school are allowed to run the program as they wish, as long as they stick to their budget and follow the rules.

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