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We are a new PTO. Last year I worked so hard to get support and finally this year we formed our first PTO. The problem I am having is that I seem to be doing everyone elses job. As the secretary I have a call roster and try to organized the committees. I also take the meeting minutes and circulate them for members to view. On top of that I am setting the agenda, calling parents, communicating with the teachers, setting the calendar, organizing volunteers, sending out updates and reminders, etc. How do I step back and let the other officers do their jobs? They don't seem to know their jobs. I seem to be the hub of the group. Even the parents communicate with me the most. At the last meeting they all looked to me to set the next date. I am worn out and need help.

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Sounds like it is time for the board members to get together and review who does what. We have great resources for this. Check out our articles on the typical jobs for each board member:

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Try talking it through, and see if you can get each board member to share about what they are currently working on and what other tasks they can take on. 

Good luck! 
Rose C

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