Question: What do you use to reconcile checkbook as Treasurer?

Our past treasurer downloaded QuickBooks (her own software) to my computer to use in the reconciliation of our account. Last week, my computer died and I lost the use of this program. Is there a good alternative to record keeping besides asking our PTO to purchase QuickBooks software for our organization?

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mum24kids writes:
I'm not a fan of downloaded software, especially in a case like this where you don't own the rights to it. In addition to the potential for losing the records, I think it makes transitions from treasurer to treasurer difficult. And I suspect that in a few years it may go the way of the dinosaur in favor of online programs. PTO Today offers a Finance Manager product which is web based; I use one called MoneyMinder (from NonProfitCentral--there's another one out there from someone else with the same name). QuickBooks has an online product, buy when I used it a few years ago, thought it was horrible.

If you're looking for something free, don't think you will find anything. But paying a couple of hundred dollars a year for a good bookkeeping program is well worth it, in my opinion.

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gjcoram writes:
I've used Quicken for 6+ years, at two different schools. I got a Quicken backup from the previous treasurer in each case; it was simple to "restore from backup" and be up and running. At the first school, I got the install CD because it had been bought for the PTO. At the second school, I went and bought a copy of a newer version. It was less than $50 -- you can get good deals around tax season ($10 if you purchase TurboTax) or for last year's version.

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