Question: Registered Agent in the Articles of Incorporation

We are a fairly new PTO in Virginia and are in the process of filing for incorporation and tax-exempt status. I would like some guidance on naming our principal as the registered agent in our articles of incorporation. What are the pros and cons? Or is it better to name a current board member as the registered agent and change the articles when need be? Thanks for any advice you can give!

Asked by tavlav



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Using your principal as a registered agent is a good idea from a practical point of view. Your renewal paperwork will come to the school, and it's far more likely to be noticed if it comes addressed to the principal than if it comes addressed to a parent. That's especially true if the renewal paperwork arrives during the summer. I took a quick look at Virginia's incorporation rules, and it looks like you would have to make the principal a board member. It's your decision whether that's a drawback, but lots of groups have the principal as a (generally nonvoting) member of the board.

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