Question: PTO/PTG involvment with an overide

Hello PTO today members, Our Massachusetts town is proposing an override to help fund our schools. I was wondering if any of you had experience with that and how or if the PTO can help share information. I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you -Laura

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Laura,
Best approach is to reflect on your group's mission. Your bylaws can help here. It makes sense to provide general information - pro and con -- on this issue but avoid advocating for one particular point of view.

Rose C.

Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Hi Laura,
To expand on what Rose says, you can share balanced information on the override (it needs to include information from both sides) or hold a forum in which both sides are represented. While it's natural to want to jump in and support an override, you should do it as individuals rather than as a group, for a few reasons. Number one is that overstepping could put your tax-exempt status with the IRS in jeopardy. Another is that not every parent necessarily supports the override. If the election becomes divisive, it could really hinder your group from accomplishing its main mission. Good luck, and I hope things work out!

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