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I sit on the Board with 4 other members. This is our first year serving and we've done everything by the book. Everything was going great until a negative member decided to challenge every decision we made, so much so that we've had to seek outside counsel in order to make our points. At our last meeting, our town's PTO President came and began to speak on our behalf. Midway through her first sentence, the member (a man) began violently screaming at her to state her name and challenging our interpretation. It scared her. It scared me. And it scared several members who were witness to it. Because he's known for this behavior, we've had to gather male PTO members to come (a hard task since no one volunteers nor attends meetings much because the aforementioned member and his small group disrupt business), but we can't keep this up. To top this off, they've been questioning all aspects of events run by the Board and trying to throw wrenches in them. After this member's last outburst, those present and those who heard about it came to us wanting him removed. Can we do that? How? Scaring members is not cool and harmful to our future.

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Jenn,
We're sorry to hear that things have been so difficult. If you have a member who is threatening members of the group or, as you say, "violently screaming,'' it is time to go to the principal and seek help. If your meetings are held at the school, the principal should be informed, anyway, and needs to take action -- telling this person not attend meetings. Also, you shouldn't hesitate to call the police if this person is threatening and scaring people.

Take care,
Rose C.

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