Question: Changing minutes from PTO meeting?

Our PTO meeting became very heated discussion regarding money that was raised. The topic lead to the President to resign from the PTO. We had no secrectary present and the minutes were done by the President of the PTO. She documented all the discussion (heated) remarks all true. Now that she has resigned the Principal wants to change those last meeting minutes to leave out the very topic that started the heated discussion and of course all the other comments. I am the only one left on the PTO executive board and have to make the final decision. The minutes weren't extreme, but it did reflect the child like behavior of the Prinicpal. Should I approve her changes?

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lgasp writes:
I am the sec. at our school. My minutes do not go into great detail. And I usually write "Attendee" not their name.... made a comment... about..

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Craig writes:
lgasp is right -- meeting minutes are meant to be a record of decisions you make. They shouldn't be cluttered with detail about the debate that got you there. In fact, there are good legal reasons not to keep too much detail and not to include people's names. As far as changing the minutes, your minutes should be approved by vote at each meeting. If you want to alter the minutes, your members need to vote to approve the revised minutes. Keep in mind that minutes are a legal document and part of your organization's official records, not just a historical description of your meetings.

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dora56 writes:
Thanks for the advise.

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jenilou28 writes:
Absolutely not!! She does not have the authority to make or request these changes. Secondly, the meeting minutes are LEGAL documents, are required by the IRS to be a non-profit, and will be required in the event of an audit. Make an extra copy of these minutes in question (should something happen to the originals) and share these events with your district auditor.

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