Question: We are a (SE)PTO Incorporated and and paid for as it own entity.

Can School Administratiin DEMAND the meetings be held on school grounds when the majority of the PTO members want it elsewhere? Our own By-Laws mandate that IF they are held on school property the proper forms are submitted and approved prior. If they are held off site, you must secure the proper authorizations from that site and insurance. Unfortunately due to many people relaying their mistrust in the administration, and retaliation taking place against their kids they do not want it on school grounds. Please confirm, as our own corp we can do this?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
You can, but the bigger question here is does it make sense to do so? It sounds like you have some big problems with the administration that need to be addressed. Some sort of sit down meeting seems in order to get everyone back on track.

You can do offsite meetings, but if by doing so you create a much more strained relationship with the school, ask yourself is it worth it? In the long run, seeking ways to get along will benefit the kids and the school.


Community Advice

Joaniebolognie writes:
Your meetings can be held off school campusT but they have to be Open Meetings and you you must post where you are meeting at. As a good gesture, you can always email administration and invite them to the mtg. It is always good practice to have the Principal or Asst Principal in attendance at your PTO Mtgs. The goal is to work together all for the benefit of every student.

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