Question: Feedback from outgoing board members

Hi there! I have been in our school board for a couple of years and will be the president this fall. I want to request feedback from the outgoing board members so that i can improve/change our formats next year. I don't want to seem insentive to our existing members but i know there is always room for improvement. Any suggestions as to what i can ask with out sounding like there was a problem this year?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi there!
It's a great idea to seek feedback. People won't think you are being insensitive if you are seeking information (good and bad) in an effort to improve things.You are right -- there is always room for improvement. Just keep an open mind; you may hear a few suggestions that ruffle your own feathers! But again, it's all in an effort to make your group as good as it can be!

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