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My Middle School does Academic awards every 9 weeks for A honor roll, AB honor roll, 3 point average ( where the kids bring up their grade average by 3 points) Last they spent 6k on Candy for these awards. This year I would like to get away from candy and it something else going for the awards. I was wondering if anyone had any Ideas? I was thinking about donations from companies. etc.

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mum24kids writes:
We do donuts or cookies, depending on whether it's a morning or afternoon ceremony (they switch every quarter). I'd love to get away from this kind of food award, too, but it's hard to find something inexpensive that they will like. We also have a raffle for some $5 gift cards from Starbucks or Target so there's a little more motivation to come to the ceremony. Pretty sure we are spending less than $1,000/year on a school with about 1,000 students.

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