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Our PTO is down to three members. he meetings have averaged around 3-4 people. With three of them being the officers. The secretary position has not beeen filled in 2 years. At any rate - I attended my first meeting last week and there are several of us that would like to be involved and nominate each other for positions. The nominations/elections are supposed to take place this week. However, the by laws supposedly (the current officers don't share them) state that you have to be an active member of the PTO to be an officer and active member is defined as having attended the past two meetings. The only people that have attended those are the current officers. One meeting took palce in June and I just attended the September meeting. Is there any way around this? Perhaps a motion to amend something? I really appreciate any input.

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Mueller writes:
Perhaps get together with the board to change the wording (on vote to approve it) of the by-laws? I was surprised to hear that there are only three of you- I thought you had to five executive officers for a legal PTO.
Our PTC cannot find new nominees either, and we are pretty burnt out. We warned that there would not be a PTC next year if nobody showed interest, but we would never actually let that happen.

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