Question: Vote out current board for new officers?

We want to vote off old members (vice president, etc.) and reelect new members. How do we do this?

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Advice from PTO Today

Elly writes:

Well, first off, “we” need for everyone to have a good understanding of the election process as it pertains to parent groups. “We” can’t just vote everyone out—and in—on a whim. Leaders are elected to office, not appointed. Your PTO members as a whole, not just you or a select few, vote to elect your parent group’s board members.

Specifications about the election process should be clearly defined in your group’s bylaws. If your group is unsure about bylaws or doesn’t have them in place, feel free to copy and implement any of those found in the bylaws/policies section of the File Exchange.

Forming a nominating committee within your group can help you put a system in place all year long for finding and recruiting officers. That way, come election time, you can announce which qualified members are on the slate. PTO Today’s free Officer Transition Survival Kit can help guide you through the election process and help your group remain successful for years to come. You might find it’s just what your new officers need before they take the reins. Good luck!

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liliebelle writes:
if a board member has been caught lying and discussing confidential information can he be voted out?

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