Question: Fundraisers

if your school just open what kind of fundraisers are good for your small group school?

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admobile writes:
Parents are burned out with selling, collecting money and distributing products. AdMobile created a unique idea where parents trade off doing all that for receiving a few text ads per day. It doesn't cost the fundraiser or parents any money. The money is made when ads are sold to businesses who like the idea of sending their coupons, promotions, etc. to the parents' mobile phones via text. Fundraisers don't even really sell the ad. They just refer the advertiser to AdMobile who manages the advertisers, collects the ad revenue and pays the fundraisers. All the fundraiser has to do is have their supporters subscribe via text and show an app about the advertising to advertisers.

Community Advice

clayboggess writes:
It really depends on what type of fundraiser you want to do. The options are limitless. Brochure sales allow you to take orders up front before you place your order. However, since you’re a new school with a limited number of students you will want to look for a product that offers free shipping with lower minimum requirements.

Another option is to order a product to sell using a purchase order. The advantages are that people get to see the items that you’re selling before they buy and they’re usually more affordable. This leads to another point. What can your area afford to purchase? You definitely want to have a purpose and set a goal based on the number of students that you have. Here are some school fundraiser ideas that you may want to consider.

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