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Has anyone hosted an Internet Safety Night for Elementary School Parents? I'm wondering if outside sources/professionals were brought in? What was your format for the evening?

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mum24kids writes:
Yes, I did one using the PTO Today internet safety kit a number of years back. We had a parent who was in some kind of computer field (don't remember now exactly what he did) make the presentation. Since then I've done them at the middle school and high school level using outside sources--our state's attorney general has a person who does this kind of thing as part of his job, for example, and I've also seen local police departments do it. Our school district also has people trained to do this (but I live in one of the ten largest school districts in the country). I don't think it's anything where you should need to pay anyone to present, though--should be easy enough to find someone in your community willing to help. As for format--it's been anywhere from a 20 minute brief overview as part of a PTO meeting to a 45 minute-1 hour presentation where that was the only thing on the agenda, with refreshments served.

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Rose H writes:
Thanks for the good info, mum24kids! Also, here's the link to our free Internet Safety Night kit:

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klagden12 writes:
We hosted an evening and followed the presentation with coffee and cookies so everyone could stick around and socialize a bit.

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