Question: PTA Not in good standing with the state?

Specifically what does it mena for a local PTA to "Not Be in Good Standing" with the state PTA, when the local PTA is and of itself is its own state and federally registered organization? What is the value of good standing with the state?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I believe "not in good standing" usually means the PTA hasn't paid its state and/or national dues. Groups that are members of the National PTA pay dues to their state PTA and the national PTA based on the number of members in the local PTA.

Community Advice

timdavidson001 writes:
PTA defines not in good standing as: 1) not adhering to the purposes and basic policies of PTA; 2) not having or operating within approved bylaws; 3) not having a president, secretary or treasurer; 4) not paying remitting membership dues to State PTA; 5) not having insurance; 6) not filing required government tax and charity forms.

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