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Can anyone tell me some of the committee/chairperson other than officer's you have in your group and a brief description of there duties? We are pretty much starting from scratch and the current group doesn't have many other than Boxtop coordinate. But we have a few members who are looking for a position. Looking to see what we are missing. Many thanks!

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Kohler writes:
We have spirit wear, school supply sale, hot lunch, gift card sale, and event chair people.
Spirit wear coordinates our fundraiser for selling spirit wear to students, parents, and staff. They work with the vendor who creates the items, and then gets the sale going.
School supply coordinates our fundraiser to sell pre-made school supply boxes for students. They work with the vendor and coordinate the communication to get the sale done.
Hot lunch chairperson works to get restaurants in the area set up to provide a hot lunch once a month or so to our schools. This is a fundraiser for the booster organization in our district since our district does not provide any hot lunch service.
Gift card sale works to get the order form out to the parents snd then collects them from the parents. This person is then responsible to get the gift cards ordered and dispensed back to the parents.
Event chair people plan, communicate, and organize a family event in the evening at school.

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