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Question for the collective :-) we are a PA and thinking of becoming a PTA BUT I just found out the teachers don't want to, They feel the parents should have their own forum for discussions where we can feel free to have discussions without feeling self-conscious about teachers being present. What are your thoughts on a PTA how does it work for you. What are things you do as a PTA or PTO for that matter. TIA for all answers.

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Community Advice writes:
1st This website is wonderful to start! I love it! I did PTA and now we moved and we are PTO. In my opinion you have to first do A LOT of homework on the differences and see which will fit your school (and budget) the best. I believe there money and insurance differences that would be the first place I would start. I'm still new to the organization, but when we moved I was wondering also. Good Luck! Keep up a good attitude and remember it is for the kids. Raising money for field trips, assemblies and even programs for May-Teacher Appreciation and programs for parents. Visit (may have to travel) other school PTO'S and PTA's.

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