Question: Is it right to open up election for officers and then hold special meeting to change officer terms?

I am actively involved in an elementary school PTO. About 2 weeks ago, all members of the PTO received an email stating that the Board just became aware that the term for officers are only 1 year, not 2 years according to the By-Laws and therefore, opened up nominations for all office positions. The email further stated that some of the current officers were willing to serve again. The PTO gave a deadline of May 10th to email them if interested in an Office position. Elections are scheduled to be held on May 17th. On May 1st, a few days after receiving the email, I notified the current PTO of my interest in running for secretary. I received a response acknowledging my desire to run and it further stated we all had to wait until after the May 10th deadline provided before official nominations were announced. A few days ago, a few other people expressed interest in running for other positions of the board. The next day, the PTO posted electronic notice that they were going to hold a Special Meeting on May 16th to amend the By-Laws from 1 year officer terms to 2 years. I feel this is being done for personal reasons because the current officers feel they won't be re-elected. Another note regarding the By-Laws- there are no term limits for officers. Thoughts please???

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
The board could have a bit of a problem on its hands in that it would need to discuss at this special meeting the idea of changing the bylaws, then have a vote on this change before implementing it. Not sure how it can accomplish this and hold elections at the same time. Its best bet may be to take time to review bylaws, get input from members and amend as necessary for next year.


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