Question: Election after the close of school

Can a board plan a meeting after the close of school to elect a new board, amongst themselves, without any parent or teacher notification?

Asked by higgins-cole



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taz1076 writes:
Absolutely, our board shifted last Thursday and was a great transition. Sometimes it's difficult to find the right fit.

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jonesjen1970 writes:
Is that really legal to do? I thought the general membership had to vote on a new board.

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wkiwaha808 writes:
It really depends on what your bylaws say. I don't think that a Board can appoint its own members at all. Usually, in an organization with members, the members are responsible for electing officers and Board members. If this has occurred, you need to refer to your bylaws. If the bylaws confirm what jonesjen1970 and I have said, then the current Board appointment is void and an election needs to be called.

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