Question: Need accounting software recommendations, please!

Our PTA Treasurer just flaked out, two weeks before school, and we are paralyzed because everything is stored on her computer. (She is using Quicken). This mess has made me painfully aware that we need to use different accounting software. Can anyone recommend something that is: - Cloud based, so that it is not stored on one person's machine and not Mac or Oc deoendent - enables multiple users to view information and different levels of access, with only one or two able to edit. - integrates with our online banking so we can automatically download transactions. - Provides budgeting and tracking income and expenses against budget (Quickbooks online only has this functionality in its most expensive version. - allows us to easily split transactions into different categories - works well on Mac or PC. Tablet would be nice, too. - is easy to use (I have two weeks to recruit a new person.) - has help and support accessible for new treasurers - provides the necessary reports for taxes AMD our annual audit If you are using software that you like OR that you don't like, i would love to know about your experiences. Thank you!

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Rose H writes:
Hi MSPTAprez,
We'd suggest you check out our Finance Manager software, which is cloud-based and designed for PTOs and PTAs. You can test drive it -- we offer a 30-day free trial to see if it works for your group. Our folks in leader support are available to walk you through any questions you have. Here's the link:

Good luck -- and hang in there!

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RebeccaGerman writes:
Maintaining bookkeeping and accountancy is not any more a hectic job. QuickBooks software has been launched to combine various business accounts with easy access from any part of the world. It has streamlined the checking of business accounts and keeping their track in an organized way without wasting much time. For e.g. With Quick Books checks you can make the payment of your vendors in seconds with a single touch. This software even helps in taking financial decision by proper monitoring of business accounts on daily basis.

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mtnbiker writes:
Nonprofit Treasurer ( ) does everything that you're asking. Cloud-based, as many users that you want (and you grant admin or edit or view-only access to the app). Download bank statements directly. Budgeting and super-simple reports printed with one click. Also, it's free. It's pretty much made for PTOs and PTAs.

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kendsouza writes:
If you are looking for a niche system, it is not advisable to go for standard generic accounting system which is merely a 1 size fits all and might not suit your PTA/PTO requirements and also might turn out to be cumbersome to manage.
If you are a Treasurer at non-profits like PTA/PTO, you should look at RunPTO

RunPTO is the latest cloud based software system designed and developed specially for PTA/PTO Accounting Software and other features available in the PTA/PTO space today. You have a 90 day free trial to check out and it just cost $299 per year. It includes Student Directory, Membership Signup and Directory, Online Payment integration, Volunteer/Event Signups, Distribute Newsletters, Email Blast, Website integration and more features all for $299. Check out the features at and the system demo at

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daddario writes:
Fintech application development is truly revolutionizing the way we interact with financial services on a global scale from How Fintech Application Development is Changing the Financial Services Globally . The rapid advancements in technology have not only made financial transactions more convenient but have also opened up opportunities for greater financial inclusion. It's fascinating to see how these applications are reshaping the industry, improving efficiency, and enhancing the overall user experience. As we embrace these changes, it's crucial to also address challenges like security and compliance to ensure a safe and stable financial landscape for everyone.

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