Question: Tracking Monies Raised for Each Event

I am new to the PTA and would like to get some suggestions independent of my board. For each event, the committee chair is responsible for bringing me the money/checks that were raised for the event. However, there is no way to know if what they are giving me is the total of what was raised. I do count the money to ensure that it's what they say is there, but for example, I could have a deposit that reflects money raised for 100 participants, but there might have actually been 125 people that signed up. I would be interested to know how other PTAs keep track of what should be coming in. Some of the fundraisers we do are quite small, so it doesn't seem realistic to ask people to sign up online if it's a small amount for them to contribute. Most often there is a flyer sent home, and parents will fill out the form and send it back in an envelope with cash or a check. It seems to me there is no way to verify if the chair is depositing everything, or if they could be pocketing some cash and just throwing the flyer away. I have read several strings about "business being business" so I am reluctant to just trust, but as I am new to the board, it's challenging to raise these points to an experienced board who I assume are knowledgeable about proper procedure and cash handling. Appreciate anyone who could share some insight and best practices!

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi there,
We recommend that groups always have two parent volunteers count money and checks from any event. This is good business practice and would help you keep better track of what is coming in versus who signed up. Sometimes, folks will say they are coming then not show up and this will help you determine this. We have a good post on financial controls that every group should use: I think you'll find it helpful.


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