Question: Members being reimbursed

If a PTO member purchases something online and has a reciept for it do they need to wait until the product is reveived, accounted for, and made sure it is not damaged before they can be reimbursed?

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mum24kids writes:
Could go either way on this. Once they are out the money, why should they have to wait? But if they put it on their credit card, they are probably not going to have to pay the bill on it for several weeks. And if something is damaged through no fault of theirs, why should they be penalized? What if they have to pay for it before the refund/replacement from the company comes through, and they don't have the money? Generally speaking, we tell people that they should expect reimbursements within two weeks (although we often reimburse much faster than that). That would typically be enough time to get something like what you are talking about taken care of before the reimbursement goes out. Keep in mind that if you paid for something with a PTO debit/credit card, you would be out the money as soon as the item was shipped.

Community Advice

rjmat writes:
Yes, the products should be verified before submitting the receipts for reimbursements. Hopefully, the Board approved the individual's request before making the purchase.

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