Question: EIN or PA tax exempt?

I've signed on to be PTO president this year and the transition from last year's board has not been very smooth to say the least. I was involved with the PTO last year and was given our "tax exempt number" from the president when I needed to provide it to Chipotle for a fundraiser. I've dug around a bit and found out that it's actually our EIN that she gave me. Now that I'm going to be purchasing supplies for the PTO, I need the state (PA) tax exempt number. They would HAVE to have had one, right? This PTO has been around for years. We are a 501c 3 and like I said we have an EIN. Should I call the state department of revenue? Will they tell me if we have tax exempt status and be able to provide me with our number? Does anyone know? Ps if I find out they don't have one and they've been paying sales tax all these years, I won't know whether to laugh or cry

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Zipitydooda writes:
Nevermind! I called the PA Dept of Revenue and was informed we do not have a tax exempt number. Which is totally crazy to me that we've been paying tax on any supplies we've bought ugh!

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