Question: how do i transfer the pta money into our new pto?

Our bylaws say, 'disbursement of funds and assets must be approved by a majority vote of members present and voting. All funds and assets must be distributed within 2 weeks No PTA money may be used by a new or existing school organization or depostied in school accounts. " Does this mean we can't donate our money to our new PTO?

Asked by Allen



Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Hi Allen - What state are you in? That's new bylaw language. Pretty soon, they're going to add: "must run a marathon backward in high heels". I believe that clause would be unenforceable, but I'm not a lawyer. Not worth worrying about because there are so many easy ways to make it work without that fight. As an example, there's no way the PTA could restrict your parent group purchasing items that the school needs or donating funds to your school for that purpose -- virtually every PTA in the country already does that frequently. So while you maybe shouldn't deposit your funds in the school account, you certainly could have a vote to purchase something for the school or make a donation to the school for a specific reason. Once you have your account down to zero or near zero, there's very little to argue about. The funds you have now will be used for great purposes (which is why you have it, right?), and with your first PTO fundraiser you'll be back to basically where you were before. Tim

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