Question: Law on How to ban parent from PTA?

We had a parent go on a drunken rampage at a PTA event this weekend. It was an extremely significant incident. She attacked both verbally (F-Bombs) in front of hundreds of kids and physically to one of our officers. What is there that we can present to her to show that she will no longer be welcome at pta or pta events. Is there a bylaw for this? ASAP help needed. Meeting tomorrow w/principal/ president, and witnesses.

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Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
This situation is a good example of why I think blanket assertions that "the PTO or PTA is completely independent" are over-stated. To me, this is a situation best handled by a building principal or even a district-level staffer or district-level attorney. Really, the key concern is this person's participation in any school setting, not just in your PTA events, right? Handling this kind of very serious personal issue is beyond the pay grade (and frankly, the authority) of the PTO or PTA officers. I suspect the next course of action here is a formal letter of some sort itemizing the reaction/restrictions to the actions of this parent. If what you describe is all true, some restrictions on participation would be warranted. But those restrictions really need to come from a more formal school authority. The good news is that if those schoolwide restrictions do come down, then your own issues will be covered as well. As they should be. Interested if any others have gone through something like this and what happened.

Community Advice

badpants writes:
Was there alcohol at the event in question, or did the parent just show up drunk? We're a private school, so it's not uncommon for alcohol to be present at some events. Chances are, your parent may be so mortified when they realize what their behaviour really was that they will likely avoid all events on their own. A parent at our school actually left to start over at another school the next town over. If you are a private school, you can adopt a no alcohol policy at any family events.

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