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Our PTO has an umbrella 501c3 that covers all the schools in our district. They are talking of dissolving this and letting the schools individual take care of their own school individually. Is there anyone that has gone through this and has any pros or cons to this??? Thanks!

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GoScots2002 writes:
I JUST posted the chaos I am seeing with not having a stand alone organization in a separate question. I am curious to see what answers you get.

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newatbeinginpto writes:
We are in the same quandry. Our District PTO was filing the tax return on behalf of all the schools in the District. It was burdensome on the District Treasurer. That was the main reason (amongst some others) that they were asking all the Subordinate organizations (schools under the District 501c3) to apply for 501c3 status independently. It looks like each school can file a 990-N (if under $50k in gross income) separately under the umbrella organization. So I'm hoping things can stay status quo. I just don't know what the umbrella organization does. I'm hoping its as easy as filing a 990-N for the District PTO also.

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