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What is the best course of action if the Principal and the PTO have very different ideas of how Parent money should/could be spent? We want to work with our Principal, however, we are there to also represent parents and if it weren't for them the money wouldn't be there. Who is it more important to please?

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Rose H writes:
Hi kmarsh7474,
You have captured this issue perfectly -- you are there to represent the parents. But, having said that, it ultimately does no one any good to take on the principal in an adversarial way. Sounds like the issues of how money should be spent have already been discussed with the principal, but, can you try doing a sit down with the principal? Take it from the point of view that it's the start of a new school year and what are the goals and objectives? Let the principal know you are interested in a partnership and working together, but also talk about how important it is to have an active, interested group of parents supporting the school. They won't remain active and interested for long if the principal isn't listening to them and making choices on expenditures without their input.

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Good luck!

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