Question: President out of control???

The president of our PTO has been claiming that she is not getting any help from the other board members and that the treasurer is not doing their job and that she has to keep track of the money. We have only had 1 meeting all year. The president has the debit card that is from the PTO account and uses it to buy all kinds of different things, such as treat bags for the whole school. She does not seek board approval for any of the money she spends. She says that she just calls the bank to check the account balance to know how much money is available to spend. She has the staff of the school believing that she is wonderful and one of the other board members went to the principal and talked to her about it and was told that she could do nothing because it was a PTO problem. Where do I turn to have someone look into this situation before our school loses everything? Also most of the board members are resigning because they can't stand how the President is controlling everything. So the President's idea will be just to fill all the open positions herself because she is picky about who she will let help with anything.

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kat.taylor writes:
Bylaws, bylaws, bylaws. Check yours. There should be rules on how and when any kind of spending is done. The rest of the board should have to approve any spending. So you have a budget? The budget should be made before the school year starts and be approved by the board. As for elections, the only way the President would be able to pick the board is if no one else steps up to fill offices and no one shows up to vote for officers. The President doesn't have that much power. If they are making unilateral decisions its because nobody is speaking up. If enough people fill this way you should be able to vote the President out or fill the board with wonderful, dedicated people. Hope everything works!

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