Question: Admin request for PTSO to pay for digital/online safety program

Hi, I'm curious as to how many of your organizations have been approached by the school administration to provide funding for an online safety program to be implemented in the school? If you have, did you agree to it and with what parameters? Last year, the group voted to provide half of the funding for one year of this program, which the principal gave an emotional plea toward the end of last year. He sold it well, because we agreed to do it. Unfortunately, we did not pull back long enough to ask for any kind of plan for implementation, nor indicate that there would be an expiration on the funding. We are trying to figure out how to manage this - maybe we just bite the bullet and say no to anything after this year. Some additional background: It's now the end of the first quarter and they are finally ready to pull the trigger. The price is now more than what we were quoted and we won't be getting a full year of the program. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi there,
I think a very acceptable response would be: Let's see how the program works this year and then we can decide if it's something we want to move forward with.


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