Question: Handling cash box accountability & other procedures for Basket Raffle Event

Please share how others handle accountability for cash boxes @ a very large, very hectic, very successful basket raffle event.

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wptotreas writes:
Here's some additional info to my above post...We have 4 cash boxes for the event, 3 for raffle ticket sales and 1 for a 50/50 raffle. The only place we can display the baskets are in the hallways. We line them up on tables on the first and second floors. The place is jammed packed and very hectic. Raffle tickets can be purchased on both floors. We always have two people at each cash box (usually teachers, but sometimes PTO members). The volunteers at the cash boxes changes because people switch out so everyone has a change to put their tickets in for the baskets they hope to win. After the ticket sales are closed everyone wants to go into the place where the winners are drawn. One (sometimes two) people take the 50/50 cash box to count it, so we know right away how much money the winner of that will get. In the past the other cash boxes are given to the Treasurer (uncounted), to be taken home and counted. We are in the process of changing the committee chairs responsibilities and using deposit notice forms, etc. but the big concern is how to maintain accountability for the cash boxes. When I asked about the teachers counting, i was told that we would probably lose their help if we asked them to do additional work that night. when I suggested a different format for where and how we sell tickets, I was told it was too crowded and hectic, and with so little room, things should stay the same. Being the new Treasurer, I'm concerned about this. It seems that the people at the cash boxes should be required to count the money, sign off and that it's not too much to ask that we keep track of the number of ticket sheets given to each cash box volunteer. Suggestions would be most helpful!!

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