Question: Prioritizing a budget

Our PTO set the budget in August. Our fundraiser did not bring in enough money to support all of our line items. The group has discussed the items that are a priority. Do we need to vote on a new prioritized list? If so, do the elected members vote or does the whole group vote? Finally, can a vote be sent out through email?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi there,
If there are items that you've prioritized (and others you may likely not do), you should present this to the group at large as they voted on the original budget. The group does deserve to vote on it. We would discourage you from doing email voting. It can be called into question and cause you a headache. So, make sure you give notice to parents, present the proposed budget changes, accept feedback and then schedule a vote for the next meeting.

Good luck!

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