Question: Dissolving a PTA in Georgia

Several members of my PTA board are interested in dissolving our PTA and creating a PTO. I have scoured our local, council and state PTA by-laws but don't see any mention of the procedure for dissolving a local PTA unit. Does anyone know where I can find the procedure for dissolution in Georgia? I don't want to call the Georgia PTA and ask because I don't want to bring too much attention to this while we are privately considering the issue.

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bblake writes:
Have you checked your PTA bylaws? Usually there is a dissolution clause which will give you guidance. You can contact another PTA in your local area and ask if you can see their bylaws if yours are not accessible.

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megangrout writes:
Thanks Barb. We do have copies of our bylaws and those of the local council and state bylaws as well. I was surprised that all I could find was a single short paragraph saying what to do with our leftover PTA funds if we dissolved. There was nothing regarding procedure for dissolution, required notice to the upper levels of PTA, number of votes required, etc. From reading this site, it sounds like other states have those requirements in some form. So, I wonder has anyone else gone through a dissolution in Georgia that could relate how they did it?

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JLemmons writes:
In a similar situation, interested to know how this panned out for you.

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