Question: Two PTOs / One School, Drama Nightmare

Our school has two Parent Organizations. One is a National PTA org and the other is an Education Foundation. Our school is a Magnet school with a focus on Math, Science and Technology and the Foundations’s Mission is specifically to help the Magnet focus. The school and both orgs were created 20 years ago. I’ve been on the Foundation for a year now and took on Treasurer. The drama between the two organizations is a nightmare. We are competing for the same donors (parents) and just try and top each other in our fundraising. The Foundation hasn’t been as successful in this but for the last several years has had a rich parent that’s basically funded most of it. His last kid is graduating and he’s basically said he’s done. So now the apathetic Foundation board is like peace out and a bunch of us newbies are in and we have to figure out how to generate funds. I launched a very successful fundraiser at the start of the year and now PTSA is pissed that we’ve sucked all their potential funds and they are delaying their major fundraiser until the spring. I’ve suggested to the board that we “merge” or both disband and start a new one with new bylaws and mission and just make sure that in those words a certain percentage of the funds go towards the Magnet focus. They all think that’s a horrible idea and we haven’t even broached it with the PTSA. I just can’t figure out how two organizations can successfully put their hand out to the same donors again and again and if the Foundation doesn’t raise money, then the Magnet focus doesn’t get the attention it needs. Help!!

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