Question: Pocketbook Tricky Tray

Hi, I am curious about how to plan a pocketbook tricky tray? Our school is a one school district with 500 students pre-K to 8th grade. Small town do fundraising is not easy. Our 8th grade parents fundraise as well so we’re all poking the same bear lol anyway I’d really like our PTO to do a big fundraiser but everyone is so afraid it will be a lot of work with little help. But we keep having the same safe boring fundraisers. I keep hearing about these Pocketbook tricky trays and I’m hopi g to find out how you organize one. Any help would be awesome! Thank you, Cynthia

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CherylB writes:
Hi Cynthia, Here are a few links that will help (also if you are a Plus Member you can download the Auction toolkit) if not you can purchase it for $49. Best of luck Cheryl PTO Today

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