Question: Summer spending for a new PTO

I am the president of a brand new PTO for a new school being built. We started bringing in funds through corporate sponsorship and initial membership (online). We have a proposed budget and initial bylaws, but we have not held a general meeting yet to vote on them (that will not be until late August). We have several spending requirements coming up before then... spirit wear purchase, teacher retreat, back to school initiatives... we are worried about spending without having a voted on budget. How does this generally work for a brand new PTO?

Asked by VickyFrescas



Advice from PTO Today

Liz L writes:
Hi Vicky,
Since your group is brand new, I guess I'd start by asking if these are truly things you HAVE to do before you vote on a budget. If you decide that they do (and you have the money), one approach would be to keep careful track of these things as sort of a starting point or discussion point when you DO vote on a budget - i.e. "we already spent xxx on these things, is that what we want to allot for these kind of expenses in the future?"
Good luck with your new group - good for you! Liz at PTO Today

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