Question: How can we start a fund for students-in-need?

We would like to start a fund for students in need, but don't know how to manage/document it properly. On a similar question posted to PTO Today, the advice was: "The IRS recommends that you structure this contribution as a grant to the school and get an acknowledgment on school letterhead. It’s OK to ask your principal for general (not personal) information on how the money was used. But technically you have no say over the money once the grant is made. If your group has a good working relationship with the administration, that won’t matter." Does anyone have documentation on how they do this? Does the office/principal hold cash in office? Thank you!

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Advice from PTO Today

Liz L writes:
Hi - looks like you're looking for feedback from those who've done something similar, in which case I'm going to point you to our PTO and PTA Leaders group on Facebook. It's a great resource for questions like this one:

-Liz from PTO Today

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