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I’ve been the treasurer since May (6 months ago). I have asked the president multiple times for the bank statements and to be added to the bank account. It’s always a different excuse to why it never happens. So obviously “something” is going on. I’ve gone to the bank multiple times with the minutes showing I’m the new treasurer but keep being told I can’t be put on the account or given bank statements unless I’m on the account. But the president is non responsive. I’ve explained to the bank everything that is going on. They say they can’t help without the president present. We are a private school so there is no school board attorney. If we hire an attorney I would have to personally do so, which I don’t want to do. We are also a 501c(3) but because there hasn’t been any yearly financial records turned in we are suspended. It can’t be fixed until we get bank statements and create A yearly statement. I also, explained this to the bank. It seems odd that this business account is given the same privacy as a personal account. This isn’t the presidents money. Yet, the bank is telling me she has the rights to this money and all the documents involving it since she is currently the only one on the account. Is this a lost cause?

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Advice from PTO Today

Liz L writes:
Not necessarily a lost cause, but a difficult situation for sure. if there's no district leadership to turn to, are you able to ask the principal for help?

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