Question: what officers make up the executive board?

what officers make upt the executive board and how many officers should you have on the executive board?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Your bylaws determine the make-up of the executive board. Your president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer all should be board members. Some groups have additional offices, such as co-president, for example. You might also consider having a volunteer coordinator as a board member. In general, five or seven is a good number for the board. If it's too large, it can become unwieldy. If you have an even number of board members, sometimes you can become deadlocked by tie votes.

Community Advice

JHB writes:
I've actually seen more problems arising from the board being too small than too large. While it could become unwieldly, a common complaint is that all the power resides with a very small group of people. Many organizations now choose to limit the number of general meetings rather than the traditional once-a-month meetings. In those cases, the Board has the power to make most decisions for the group. Especially in those situations, I'd consider it important that the Board be larger and more representative of the general membership. Our most successful board had 15-23 members (included elected officers, committee chairs, and certain school reps). But I'll admit the more common number tends to be 4 or 5 and represent just the elected officers.

Community Advice

Jjshera2 writes:
Our officers (also our board members) consist of President, 1st vice-pres, 2nd vice-pres, treasurer, secretary, reporter, parliamentarian, chaplain, and 2 executive board members.

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