Question: PTO Tresurer

If the PTO Board is unable to find a volunteer to take on the treasurer's position for the next school year what is protocal? It's April and we are working on recruiting but a backup plan would be nice. Would they hire a service of some kind if all else fails?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
As a backup plan you could ask the principal to see if the school office staff can help. It's not unusual for the school to help out with maintaining the books. As for finding a treasurer, the basic job can be done in a few hours a month -- it doesn't have to be tremendously time-consuming. Anyone who is well organized and can balance a checkbook can do the job. I say that because sometimes people get the idea that the job is more complex than it is. In a pinch, a vice president or secretary, for example, might be able to take on extra duties until you find someone.

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