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Teacher gifts/food

16 years 10 months ago #135021 by
Replied by on topic RE: Teacher gifts/food
In the past teacher appreciation has cost over $1000 for the week of activities.
Gifts for teachers? We consider the money we raise a gift to them and the children. When the teachers support the fund raising efforts, they are certainly counted among the winners!!
This year we are having a simple luncheon for teacher appreciation, the rest of the money the students will benefit from in some way.
We have it in our bylaws that special occasions can be acknowledged by the PTO, by card only. Except in the event of of staff or their spouse or child. Unfortunately this has happened. In these cases we can spend up to $25 on the family.
I want the parents to see that the donations, hard work and teacher interaction benefit each of their children. It is all about the kids!
16 years 10 months ago #135007 by OneandOnly
Replied by OneandOnly on topic RE: Teacher gifts/food
Our Teacher Appreciation fund and mini grant program was a small portion of our budget compared to what was going for school programs, class trips, assemblies and all the events we did throughout the year. Our teacher can join as members of our PTO, but their contribution is small compared to what our parents do.
At your first PTO meeting, you should vote in your annual budget. That is when you should be questioning the allocation percentages of your projected income. The PTO is to support the entire school and if what is being done for the teachers does not trickle down to the students (school supplies, classroom software, ameneties, etc.) then it does appear to be lopsided since the parents are funding most of the budget through fundraisers, but their own children are not reaping the benefits of that.

I would definitely question how the money is spent and why the children are not on top!

Doing it for my one and only ~~ my son!
16 years 10 months ago #134918 by Menlo Tigers
Replied by Menlo Tigers on topic RE: Teacher gifts/food
Our budget goes to different places each year. We never say half is going to anything.

We always get small welcome back gifts for the teachers. If we have the money we included gift cards for school supplies.

We sponsor field trips for the students who can't afford to go.

We've been updating the playground for 4 years now. (our school is 60 years old)

We've given money to teachers when they ask for classroom items, pe equipment, musical instruments.

We've helped buy new desks and repair the intercom/tv system in the building.

Our principal requires our teachers to join, but he pays their memberships dues. Most of them come to most of the meetings too.
16 years 10 months ago #134910 by mommytlc
Replied by mommytlc on topic RE: Teacher gifts/food
We purchase "welcome back" gifts for our teachers and staff. I started this idea last year. We have a luncheon for them in December, and last year, we spent more than in previous years. This December, we are having the event catered. We will spend around $700 and another $200 or so on gifts. We also have a luncheon for them in May to show our appreciation. We will probably have this event catered as well. The reason we are having things catered this year is because I will be going back to work and another PTO officer will be starting school. We don't have very reliable volunteers to help put the event together.

Our teachers and staff work really hard, and we feel they are worth every penny that we spend. We will be offering a coffee and water service for them this year as well. A new fridge for their lounge is also in order.

Last year, we spent $2,100 on new tables and chairs for the lounge and we hung pictures and valances. The room was pretty depressing. No one used the room, and now they fight over using it!
16 years 10 months ago #134904 by motivated mom
I'm wondering if this is an issue with all schools on some level. Our PTO board gives each teacher $100 as a gift for their classroom ($2,000 total) along with a nice lunch and in the past have also added polo shirts with our emblem. Last year we said no to the shirts unless they were new teachers. This year we are talking about not having the lunch and just giving the money. How do you know when "enough is enough?" This year we want to upgrade the teachers lounge (it's pretty nasty) but again, we always ask oursevles, "is this a wise allocation of the PTO money?" I wish there were easy answers! Any input would be appreciated!

The Burge Boys mom!
16 years 10 months ago #134895 by
Replied by on topic RE: Teacher gifts/food
suellen, I may be in a different situation than others because we have a small school and don't have the ability to raise tons of money, but I can't see how spending 1/2 the budget can be justified. I am 100% pro teacher. Love them. Don't see anything wrong with providing the needs in their classroom and giving them a treat of food once or twice a year. Thankfully, the majority of the teachers at our school would be uncomfortable knowing that parents have supported the PTO and that much of the funds was being used for teacher gifts/food. I can't imagine, either, that if the parents at our school realized this was happening, they would not pretty much have a little hissy fit. hahahaha I would say, new officers, soon. hehehehe Our school has too many needs. We need playground equipment, computers, library books, the list goes on and on. I feel like I, as an officer, have an obligation and duty to disburse the funds of the PTO to make the students learning environment and school the best it can be with the funds we have available. Can't see how spending 1/2 the budget to buy teachers gifts and food could possibly accomplish that goal. I do realize that fundraising isn't the only duty of the PTO, but, unfortunately, we have to do it.

As for the teachers joining the PTO, well, it is called Parent TEACHER Organization. Don't see how they can't be allowed to join. I have found that they and the principal can be the PTO's best guidance in determinig the needs of the school, therefore helping make sure the funds are dispursed properly. I feel like the parents, teachers and principal have to be a "team" in order for the PTO to be it's best. Doesn't need to be any power trips going on. If everyone keeps the best interests of the students and school as a whole at heart, then it's quite easy to run effectively, otherwise, you have trouble. Been there

Wish you the best. Good Luck.
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